Hopeful Hearts Farm
Equine Assisted Ministry

   We are a small family farm nestled in the hills of Giles County, Virginia. We are blessed with  beautiful views of the famous Palisades cliffs and we are located just across the New River from the historic town of Eggleston.
 Hopeful Hearts Farm shares Christ with children as they   experience unconditional love and find hope with the assistance and interaction with horses.
 A session would begin by working one-on-one with a leader.We use horsemanship methods to teach children how to safely catch, groom and eventually ride a horse. These methods are used to teach respectful horse handling and care which carries over to all areas of life.
Horses can benefit us in many ways. They help to strengthen core muscles and develop coordination as the rider learns balance with the movement of the horse. 

   We also have fun  crafts and group activities such as hot-dog suppers and movie nights.

   All of our activities are structured to build relationships and help reinforce the child as a valued person and one of God’s most loved creations.

 Our services are provided at no cost to the families and children who take part in the activities.

Call or email for information and visits or if you want to find a place here to serve.